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Audi’s are great vehicles. They are high performance, a blast to drive, and many peoples prized possessions. But like most high end European vehicle’s they do run into maintenance issues, that can sometimes be difficult to repair. At ASI Collision Inc. in Hyde Park we are an Audi Certified Collision Center. As one of the few in Massachusetts, we get to work on a wide range of Audi’s. Here are a few of the common repair issues we see with Audi’s.


Electrical Components: In prior blog posts, we’ve gone over you shouldn’t trust an amateur with your Audi repairs. When it comes to electrical components of Audi’s, it couldn’t be more true. Common electrical components that go wrong in Audi’s include digital displays, erratic lights, and failed headlights.


Ignition Coil or Spark Plug: One of the most common reasons for engine misfires in Audi’s? That would b e the Ignition Coil or Spark Plug malfunctioning. The solution? Replacement of the components with OE equipment.


Oil Leaks: Oil leaks in an Audi can come from two places mostly. The camshaft tensioner or the valve cover gasket. The solution is two replace one or both, each will typically cost a few hundred dollars in parts.


Catalytic Converters:  Catalytic Converters fail primarily due to clogging or carbon build up which solidifies and jams the exhaust flow. If your catalytic converters fail, its important your Audi mechanic gets to the bottom of what actually caused it, and fixes that too. If they just replace the converter, it is bound to happen again.


If you have run into any of these issues with your Audi, bring it in to ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park. You can trust our team of Audi repair specialists to get the job right the first time. Contact us today to learn more.

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