repaired Porsche at collision center

When it comes to collisions, it can affect anyone – even first-class drivers are not invincible. Interestingly, the aftermath may be annoying as well, particularly when your Porsche has suffered damage.

If you’re fortunate enough to see the car receive minor damage, you could drive the car home, or take it to the service outlet to get repaired within a short period. But, if the damage is prominent, you will have to leave the car with the mechanics for at least a day for more comprehensive work. 

We will give you some tips you need to take after getting into a collision. 


  • Talk to your Dealer


The first thing you need to do is contact your local dealer as quickly as possible, especially if the repairs are essential. A certified dealer should give you a loan automobile to use until your Porsche is fixed.

One of the biggest advantages of contacting your local dealer after a collision is that they typically have the best ways to repair your prized automobile since their mechanics are often educated and experienced in dealing with Porsche automobiles. 

Another reason is they have all of the necessary equipment to ensure a safe, hassle-free repair process. In addition, an authorized dealer will utilize manufacturer-approved spare parts to repair your Porsche.  The benefit of this step is it will ensure your car runs as good as it did before the collision when you get it back from the dealer.

If your dealership doesn’t have its in-house repair department for collision, the mechanics will have a list of high-quality auto body repair shops within your area. Therefore, contacting your local dealer for recommendations is one of the best ways to find help for your repairs after a crash. 

Moreover, you can get a variety of services at your local dealership such as vehicle refinishing, auto glass repair, and even services like car rentals and towing to make your repair process more convenient. 


  • Inquire about the repair process 


Ask the repair shop about the repair process, including their equipment and techniques. A reputable shop should have state-of-the-art equipment and be knowledgeable about the latest repair techniques for your vehicle. 


  • Contact your insurance company 


Most people have car insurance and after a collision, it is necessary to talk to them about the incident. They need to document the accident so they can help you cover part of the repair costs. So, you end up spending less than what you ought to spend on the overall cost of repairs at the dealership or any other auto-body shop.


  • Look out for genuine parts 


It is necessary to ensure that the mechanics use genuine spare parts during the repair process. The use of genuine spare parts will ensure your Porsche integrity is not compromised. 


  • Review the final work 


Before taking your car back, carefully inspect the repair. Look for any signs of mismatched paint, misaligned panels, or other imperfections. Ensure that the repairs have been completed to your satisfaction and that your car looks and performs as it did before the collision. 

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