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Everyone at one point or another will encounter some minor vehicle damage. Maybe you get a scratch from parking too close to the carts at the grocery store. Or a minor fender bender happens in traffic. Sooner or later you’ll hear an amateur auto enthusiast offer to repair your vehicle for you for a discounted rate. Here’s why you should reconsider if you care about the lifetime value of your car or SUV.

Hidden Electrical Components

Many vehicles have hidden electrical components that are difficult to identify without being trained. This is especially true for European vehicles.  Minor impact from collisions can jar loose hidden electrical wiring connections. This can affect the lights on your vehicle, windows, seats, stereo, and a whole bevy of other operations.

Matching Autobody Paint

Matching your vehicles original paint is a pain even for those trained in the art of auto painting. Even if you have a friend or family member who can repair your vehicle, getting the paint to match the original and having it properly applied is something that is difficult to master. There are some people whose only job is the painting of vehicles after collision repair. You don’t want to leave this to a novice.

Frame & Alignment Issues

Another issue that happens when you have a collision, either minor or major, is your frame alignment. After a collision you may be focusing on the physical & cosmetic damage to your car. You might not think about alignment issues. The vehicle could be misaligned, pulling to the right or left depending on where you were hit. You’ll want a trained staff with new technology to diagnose this problem and address it correctly.

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