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At ASI Collision, our team is always looking for new ways to provide our customers with a better collision repair experience and one of the ways we’re doing this is with ultraviolet (UV) cured primer.

Why Use UV Cured Primer?

Ultraviolet (UV) cured primer has a reduced cycle time compared to other primers. With the ability to completely cure in just 30 seconds to a few minutes, allowing our team to work more efficiently and complete your collision repair faster than utilizing conventional refinishing materials.

How Long Does UV Cured Primer Last?

UV cured primer can last up to 3-4 times longer than a urethane primer as it has a higher solid content. With the higher soli content and 100% curing, shrinkage is minimal and immediate.

How UV Cured Primer Works

In order to cure, UV cured primer needs to be exposed to UV light. By utilizing a special UV lamp, our team is able to ensure the primer on your car completely cures.

UV cured primers have no pot life since they need to be exposed to UV light to cure and do not require any mixing or reducing. When poured, they should always be poured into a black or opaque mixing or spray cup to prevent the product from curing from surrounding UV light reaching it before it’s sprayed.

UV cured primers create little to no waste and can be saved for later use.

To learn more about how we use UV cured primers at ASI Collision, contact us today at 617-364-1722.

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