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Before You Buy A Used Audi!

For many Audi owners, their first foray into the world of luxury German automobiles is by purchasing a used Audi. It makes sense, you can get a feel for the vehicle, without jumping in face first with a full investment in  a brand new car. At ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of Audi’s, so we know what to look for when you are purchasing a used Audi. Make sure to keep an eye out for the following:

Service Records

Ideally, the person you are buying your Audi from has a detailed history of their service records. Audi provides a users manual that has the work that should be performed for different mileage markers. A good Audi owner should follow this manual as close as possible.

Check For Rust

With older vehicles, rust becomes inevitable. However, large amounts of rust should be a red flag and should have you reconsidering how much you are willing to pay for your used Audi. Inspect the car thoroughly, check the undercarriage and wheel wells for for rust.

Electrical Components

Some of the most common issues with used Audi’s come from their electrical components. Its is disappointing, but the same is true for other meticulously engineered cars such as Ferrari’s and even BMW’s. Electrical components such as displays, brake lights, power windows can start to falter with age. These aren’t difficult fixes, but if the Audi is out of warranty they can be pricey to fix.

Look at Audi Recall History

This step is crucial. Before you even go to look at a used Audi that you find online, look up the model.  Check to see if the model has any major recalls in the past. If it did, you’ll want to verify the issue was taken care of via service records.

Check the CarFax

Today, some shadier body shops can fix up a totaled vehicle so that an untrained eye can’t even tell. Ask for the vehicles VIN number before you go to check it out. This can save you some hassle before you even go to see the vehicle.

At ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park we are passionate about Auid’s. If you decide to pick up a used Audi and need to get it repaired or fixed, we are the body shop for you.


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