rear end collision

Being involved in any type of collision is a stressful experience and even if your car doesn’t seem to have much damage, collisions can cause more damage than you first see. This is even more true after being involved in a rear-end collision and knowing what to look out for will help alleviate headaches and never-ending collision repairs.

1. Hidden Damage

Following a rear-end collision, you might be happy to notice that your car has no visible damage. It’s important to remember that there could be hidden damage from the collision with the most commonly missed damage involving the bumper cover. Most bumpers are made from plastic and don’t provide very much protection to the frame of the vehicle and even a minor bump can cause damage to the frame.

2. Trunk Damage

Trunk damage is very common in rear-end collisions and while it does not impact the ability of the car to be driven, the damage is a safety issue and will reduce the value of the car. A damaged trunk can pop open at any time and obstruct the rearview for the driver. If you notice your trunk isn’t opening and closing smoothly or locking securely, it’s a good idea to have it looked at.

3. Alignment Problems

Have you recently been in a rear-end collision, not noticed any damage, but have noticed that your vehicle is handling differently? This is usually due to an alignment problem caused by the collision. A few warning signs for alignment issues include uneven driving, wobbly steering, or unusual vibrations.

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