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Wondering how you can keep your car brand new? Well, here are a few tips to extend the life of your vehicle. Let’s have a look at them.

Change Vehicle Oil

Giving your vehicle an oil change is an effective way to enhance its lifespan. Oil is responsible for cooling and lubricating the deep, compact, and rubbing parts of your car’s engine. Driving long distances without an oil change leads to less efficiency, metal-eating sludge, and eventually engine failure. So, change the oil after every 3,000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid incurring hefty costs due to engine damage.

Inspect Tires

This is the best tip you can get to extend your vehicle’s working lifespan. You may have seen people who don’t maintain their tires until they finally blow out while driving. The tire depth should be at least 1.5mm for safe driving. You can simply check the tread wear indicator bars present at different parts of the tire.

Get New Air Filter

Most car owners forget to change the air filters. Not to mention, dirty or blocked filters limit the vehicle’s performance and boost fuel consumption. You need to change them at least once every year. However, if you drive in areas prone to lots of dust, you should switch filters more frequently.

Consider Fluid Changes

Like engine oil, other vehicle fluids also need your attention. This includes transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Regardless of the type of vehicle they have, vehicle owners should have adequate knowledge about different fluids. You also need to transfer case fluid for the performance of your vehicle. Additionally, it’s crucial to check your fluid condition and levels every few months. Inspect the position of fluid channels to catch problems like leaks.

Repair your Vehicle

Putting off repairs can cause extreme damage to your car. For instance, if you continue driving a car with a failing water pump, the engine will face severe overheating. Moreover, ignoring squealing brakes can lower your braking power. So, whenever you see a problem, take your to professionals for repairs right away.

Ignore Replenished Petrol Station

If your go-to petrol station recently refilled, avoid filling up from there. This is because newly filled tanks at the petrol station mix with residue. So, when it enters your car, it can cause clogging in different parts.

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The most imperative trick to keep your car in tip-top condition is a thorough inspection every few months to ensure that every little detail is not overlooked. By paying attention to the little things and having the required services done when needed, your vehicle can run soundly for years to come. Contact ASI Collision Services for our vehicle services today and we’ll be sure that your car is running soundly for a long time.

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