collision repair

Following an accident, the process of collision repair can be confusing and overwhelming, and while most car owners don’t ask too many questions regarding the technicalities of the repair, having a general understanding of the process is important.

The collision repair process can differ from one repair shop to the next, but there are several general steps that each will take that effect time, labor, and repair costs.

These steps include:

1. Estimate

The first step in the collision repair process is inspecting the damage of the vehicle and estimating the cost of the repair. This will be done by an estimator from your auto insurance provider. Once the paperwork is completed and approved by the insurance company, the collision repair center will be able to begin the repair work.

2. Disassembly

To help ensure that all damages to your vehicle are repaired, your car insurance company might request a disassembly of the vehicle. Once this is complete, the collision repair center will place an order for any parts that need to be repaired.

3. Repair

During the vehicle repair, an electronic measuring system will analyze the car to ensure it is repaired to the factory specifications. This is utilized to ensure the structure of the car is structurally sound and that any additional repairs such as wheel alignment and suspension repairs are made.

4. Paint Prep

Once the vehicle is repaired, the panels of the vehicle will be prepped to be painted to ensure that the top color and clear coating match your vehicle.

5. Reassembly

Once the repair and painting is completed, your car is in the final stages of being repaired. Your car will be reassembled and inspected to make sure the entire collision repair process is completed.

6. Quality Control Inspection

Once the vehicle is reassembled, it will go through a quality control inspection to ensure the damaged vehicle was repaired properly and is driven to make sure there are no driving issues related to the parts that were repaired or replaced.

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