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Having a clean car is important for a number of reasons. For starters, driving a well-kept vehicle every day will make you feel less stressed than climbing into a cluttered, messy automobile. Furthermore, maintaining a clean car will allow you to more easily transport your friends and family members. Finally, cleanliness is key if you plan to sell or trade-in your current vehicle anytime soon. 

If you know your car is due for a detailing job, this guide is here to help. In the following sections, you will discover the steps you need to take to properly detail your car, so it is sure to look its very best. 

Vacuum hard-to-reach areas

Most vehicle interiors have their fair share of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. The spaces beside the seats and next to the console, for example, may be challenging to get to on a regular basis. Therefore, when you’re detailing your car, you should pay special attention to these areas, as they are likely to accumulate everything from unwanted dirt to spare change. Use a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment to most effectively clean your car’s crevices. 

Wash out the cup holders

Cup holders are an essential part of any drive, but they can become dirty extremely quickly. Most people don’t clean their cup holders on a regular basis, though. The best way to get all the grime out of these small spaces is to place a cloth sprayed with cleaner over a travel cup, then twist the cup around inside of each cup holder. 

Add lube to the hood hinges

Over time, the hood hinges on any vehicle can become tight and squeaky. While you’re detailing your car, you should give them some extra attention. Spray lithium grease on a clean cloth and vigorously rub the hinges on both sides. Once the hood hinges have been properly lubricated, wipe any excess grease off to avoid rusting. 

Get rid of peeling stickers. 

If the stickers on your car have seen better days, the best time to get rid of them for good is while you’re detailing your entire automobile. Begin pulling each sticker at a 90-degree angle. High-quality ones may easily come off without leaving anything behind. In other cases, though, stickers may come off in pieces or leave gummy residue on your windows. Goo-Gone and other similar products can be used to remove this sticky substance. 

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These tips should help you clean your vehicle until it sparkles. It is, however, important to use high-quality cleaning products to achieve the best possible results. If you aren’t sure what to use, do your research ahead of time to discover what brands manufacture the best auto cleaning supplies. Call ASI Collision for help with detailing and have your car looking spotless!

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