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Dog Driving CarWe all know the basic safety tips while driving. Some of these include paying attention, not distracting the driver, following the rules of the road and being sure to wear your seatbelt at all times. But what should you do about your pets? With summer road trips and traveling all around, families are more than ever going to be with their pets in the car. Here are some useful tips to make sure your dog has the safest and most enjoyable experience during your trip:

  • First of all, be sure that you have the right sized car for handling a dog. Try to not force a decent sized dog in the back of a Toyota Camry with bags stuffed everywhere. We recommend cars such as wagons, SUV’s and mini-vans for those long trips with your dog.
  • Find a crate that is a good size for your dog to stand up in. This is usually crucial for your dog to find their comfort zone during a trip. If your dog is not used to crates, have them use it for a couple hours a day for a couple weeks leading up to the trip.
  • If your dog is younger or not an experienced rider, be sure to rack up some miles with them. Take them on quick drives to pick up your kids or for a ride around town before your long trip.
  • Never leave your dog by themselves in your car. Even if you crack the windows, your car can become a furnace before you know it.
  • During a long trip, try to stop every few hours so your dog can use the bathroom and so they can have some water. Always have a leash attached before opening the door and bring water bottles with you.

A safe and happy dog during a trip is not only is good for them, but it increases the safety of your family and yourself. Drive safe, and enjoy your trip!

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