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Getting in an accident or having repairs done to your car be stressful, especially when it comes to how it gets repaired. There are most likely tons of auto body shops in your area but which one should you bring it to and why? Here are five qualities to look for in a trusted a dependable autobody shop.

1)    Experience

No one wants to bring their car to someone who says “I think I can”. You want your car to be handled by a professional. Getting your car fixed isn’t just about the repairs, it’s about coming up with a long-lasting solution so the issue doesn’t arise again. There hundreds of different parts that all work together as one cohesive unit in your car and you want to be sure more issues aren’t created when one is fixed. The more experience the better!

2)    Licensing, Certification, and Insurance

There are dozens of different certificates and licenses that auto body shops can obtain. If your mechanic says, for example, he works at an Audi Certified Collision Repair Center, that status certifies all staff has been trained and certified to work on Audi vehicles. You also want to make sure the auto body shop is insured. This ensures that if additional damages happen to your vehicle you are not liable

3)    Well-Rounded Service

If your car is in an accident you are most likely going to need more than one type of repair. Make sure your auto body shop can handle multiple different repairs or it will cost you both time and money. From fixing bumpers to repairing glass and providing touch up painting services, the more services an auto body shop can provide the better.

4)    High-Tech Resources

As cars evolve, so do the resources shops have at their disposal to fix them. Bring your car to a shop that stays up to date with the latest trends to ensure your vehicle is being dealt with in a proper and modernized fashion. For example, if your car needs a paint job, find out if the company uses computerized automatic paint matching for a seamless finish.

5)    Services Provided For Convenience

Although the main repairs to your vehicle are important, companies that provide extra services for free or at a discounted rate show a sense of loyalty and care for the customer. Providing free detailing services or a free paint job after an incident are different services a company may offer to show you how important your business is to them.

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