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When going through the collision repair process, there are a lot of terms that are often thrown around regarding the repair of your vehicle. To fully understand the repair process, these collision repair terms will make the process a little less overwhelming.

Aftermarket Auto Parts – Aftermarket parts that were not made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. These parts can vary in quality and price and are not always the best option when repairing your vehicle.

Appraisal – After a collision, the damage to your vehicle will be appraised by your car insurance company. This damage appraisal will outline the estimated cost to repair the damages. This appraisal will then go to your auto body shop, who will also do their own appraisal.

Direct Repair Program (DRP) – DRP is an agreement between an insurance company and a collision center that includes an outline of specific procedures that the collision center follows in exchange for faster processing times with the insurance company.

Edge-to-Edge Repair – The term used when referring to replacing or repairing a full body panel.

Estimate – A written overview of the damage to your vehicle, along with the estimated cost of repair, parts needed, and labor to repair a vehicle after a collision.

Like Kind and Quality (LKQ) – The term used when referring to replacement parts that were salvaged from another vehicle. These parts are always inspected by the seller and a repair technician prior to installation to ensure they are similar enough to replace damaged parts.

Remove and Install (R&I) – When a repair is being done and a part is removed from the damaged vehicle, set aside to be repaired separately, and then is re-installed.

Remove and Replace (R&R) – When a specific part cannot be repaired and is removed and replaced from the damaged vehicle.

Repair Authorization – Before a collision center can begin work on a damaged vehicle, they must first receive a repair authorization from the customer. Depending on the customer’s insurance plan, the collision center might also require a repair authorization from the insurance company.

Repair Order – Tracks everything that happens during the repair process, including hours of labor, the repairs that are completed, and the parts and materials that are used.

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