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We all know how great the leather interior of a car is. The slick, strong surface is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable to sit on. But like anything that looks and feels good, there needs to be a conscious effort made to care for your leather interior so that it can maintain all of those pleasing qualities. From picking out the different tools for the job to advice on maintaining a regular schedule, here are some tips you can follow!

Select the right cleaner

Different surfaces will react differently to different chemicals. When cleaning your house, you use a different cleaner to wash your windows than your hardwood floor. Just like the other two surfaces mentioned, leather also requires its own specific cleaning fluid. Sure, water may be able to take care of some immediate debris, but will it actually keep the leather from drying up and losing it’s natural texture? When applied, the correct leather cleaner can not only help clean the surface but can also help preserve your leather seats’ natural oils and prevent cracks from appearing. 

Use a brush 

A brush is a useful tool for cleaning leather seats in a car. They effectively take care of any dirt/grime/dust buildup that has accumulated while being soft enough to not damage the leather. In fact, using a toothbrush can even be useful when it comes to cleaning crevices in a seat. Make sure the bristles of the brush are soft so they do not damage anything. Apply a small amount of leather cleaner onto the brush and gently scrub all of the areas you intend to clean. The appropriate amount of cleaner coupled with the soft press of a brush should clean your leather while also keeping its gentle texture. 

Vacuum your seats

Vacuums are great for reaching parts of your interior that are normally hard to reach even with a brush. Keep whatever extension you are using on your vacuum a couple of inches away from the surface so that it can thoroughly take in all of the debris while also avoiding scratching the surface. 

As an added bonus tip, try to avoid cleaning in the sunlight. Natural sunlight will prevent the leather from effectively absorbing all of the chemicals needed to stay soft and clean.

Consistency is key 

Sort of like doing your laundry or house cleaning, cleaning up your car’s leather interior is a task that must be practiced regularly. Set some time aside every few weeks, apply all of the aforementioned tactics discussed, and you’ll find yourself with a leather interior that is as good as new. 

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