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The last two weeks have brought freezing cold temperatures and over a foot of snow in Massachusetts. With that, your Audi may face challenges in this type of climate.

Clean Your Car- This is an often overlooked practice that vehicle owners neglect in the winter. During the cold months you cars clear coat becomes covered in dirt, slush, and salt from snow removal. This salt is a major factor in causing rust on your car. A good car wash will clean off the salt and slush, as well as remove dirt and grime from your wheel wells and under carriage. While you are at it, clean your floor mats too. These can also get ruined from snow and salt.

Tire Pressure- Hopefully during the winter you are employing either all-purpose or snow tires for your Audi. If not, the least you can do is watch your tire pressure. With cold temperatures, the pressure in your tires are bound to drop. When tire pressure drops your ability to control your vehicle also diminishes. Combine this with bad driving conditions, you Audi could end up in our shop to repair collision damage.

Battery- When is the last time your Audi got a new battery? As time goes on, your vehicles batteries loses strength. The colder it gets, the harder your battery has to work to start. Combine consistent cold air with an old battery, and you may have a vehicle that doesn’t start.

Headlights- Audi’s have a distinct look of their headlights. Their style is part of the German engineering charm. However, with time the headlights begin to “fog up”. During the winter, daylight time is shortened drastically and having limited vision is a safety hazard. Consider “restoring” your headlights every few years.

If you are considers about your Audi’s readiness for this winter that has only just begun, contact ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park today!

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