Let’s face it. You love your Audi. And why not? With sleek German design, flawless handles, and a look that screams style. But what happens when your beloved Audi gets in an accident? When its finish is tarnished and no longer has that look you paid for?

Would you take it to any old body shop? That’s not the best plan. Take it to an Auto Authorized Collision Center. ASI Collision Inc, in Hyde Park Inc is one of the few Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facilities in the U.S. Take a look at the Audi website itself for proof:  We are listed under the Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facilities.

We are proud to be listed on the Audi website as an Authorized Aluminum Collison Repair Facility. Large amounts of custom training and certification tests went into this process. It’s a certification that Audi (and its customers) don’t take lightly.

Audi Drivers should come to ASI Collision Inc in Hyde Park for:

  • Vehicles constructed with high-strength steel or aluminum.
  • Vehicles constructed with advanced materials (carbon fiber & aluminum).
  • Equipment that is tested to Audi vehicles specially.
  • Audi trained repair technicians using factory-approved procedures.

Remember, by choosing an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility you help ensure that the correct parts and procedures are used to repair your Audi! To schedule your appointment, contact us today at 617-364-1722.

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