changing oil for your car

We’ve all had car problems before! Just when you least expect it, you see that check engine light come on and your heart drops. Although some issues may require you to take your vehicle into for service, a lot of the issues can be handled yourself and save you a lot of money! Here are some tips to help fix issues you may be having with your vehicle.

Changing Your Coolant

Your car’s coolant won’t last forever. You should roughly expect to change it after 24,000 miles if you use green coolant and 100,000 miles if you use extended-life coolant. Although it doesn’t have to be replaced that often, keeping an eye on it can save you a lot of money because if you do drive on worn coolant, it can begin to affect your radiator, heater core, and water pump.

Changing Your Oil

Ever needed to replace your engine? Probably not. If you want it to stay that way, then I suggest you pay attention to your oil level. If you neglect to change your oil, it can begin to overheat your engine, wear out the parts, and eventually lead to it completely breaking down and not working anymore.

Changing Your Cabin Air Filter

No one likes a cold car in the winter! If your heat isn’t getting as warm as it should, it could be due to a clogged air filter, which reduces the effectiveness of your heat. You should expect to replace your cabin air filter at least once a year to make sure your cars A/C system and heating are working efficiently.

Cleaning Your Headlights

It’s important to be able to see while driving at night and foggy headlights could lead to you not being able to drive well. For a small price, you can buy a special headlight cleaning kit instead of getting your headlights completely changed.

Cleaning Your Battery Terminals

As time goes on, your battery begins to wear and could be corroding in the process. Checking from time to time on your battery to make sure thereĀ is no corrosion can help you out in the long run, as a corroded battery can also lead to computer-control system issues as well as charging problems.

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