car about to hit deer

Encountering a large animal on the road can be scary and knowing how to handle the situation in front of you can be lifesaving. Avoid damage to your car and keep yourself and your family safe with these tips.

Use Your High Beams

Whenever your car is the only one on the road, turn your high beams on. Having your high beams on will give you a large field to help you see a deer in the road or on the side of the road. By having a large field of vision, you’ll be able to stop sooner and reduce the chances of hitting the deer.

If you notice an oncoming car flicks their high beams a few times, this could be a sign to reduce your speed as their might be a deer ahead.

Check for Deer Crossing Signs

The yellow diamond shape signs with a deer on them are placed in areas that have a high deer population as well as in areas that have seen several deer collisions. If you see these signs, slow down and be alert.

Be Aware of the Time

Like humans, deer stick to a schedule and the most common time for them to be out is when it’s hardest for our eyes to adjust to the light, around dusk. Around these times, make sure to be aware of your surroundings and slow your speed.

Know When to Use Your Horn

Deer are very timid when they see people and tend to run off, but when they’re near the road, they can get scared and not move. If you notice a deer in the middle of the road, slow down and come to a complete stop if possible. Flick your lights a few times. Try not to use your horn if you can get away with it. The loud noise can scare the deer and cause them to become aggressive.

Where there is One, There are More

Most deer move in pacts and if you see one in the middle of the road, there’s most likely more on the shoulder of the road or on the outline of the woods waiting for the leader. Even if the leader moves out of the road, proceed with caution.

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