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Driving in the rainAs you get prepared for spring and the rain starts to fall while you drive, it is imperative that you use extreme caution. There is a huge problem when rain starts to fall, when people don’t change their driving habits. This creates dangers for you and all the other people driving on the road. Here are 5 dangerous driving mistakes that you should avoid.

Driving on the side of the road: When the roads are narrow, this isn’t always possible. But, with multiple lanes or wide roads, try staying closer to the middle. Roads are built to be slightly higher in the middle. This causes water to run from the middle of the road to the edge. This can result in puddles and standing water that are dangerous if driven into.

Not turning headlights on or headlights that are too bright: When driving people often believe that headlights are just for them. They help us see whats going on. This is absolutely not true as headlights are very helpful in the rain so other drivers can notice you.

Driving when you can’t even see: Have you ever been driving in such a down pour that you honestly can’t even see 5 feet in front of you? This can be very dangerous and if it happens you, you should slow down and try to pull off the street as soon as possible. There could be parked cars in front of you, or pedestrians walking and if you can’t see, you are risking other peoples lives along with your own.

Driving through flowing rivers: People always attempt to drive through flowing bodies of water thinking that it’s only inches tall and not very dangerous. The risk is not worth it! Every year, there are helpless drives that get swept away by what they thought to be an inch of water.

Driving too fast: When it starts to rain, slow down! Driving is dangerous enough, but when you add rain it becomes even more dangerous. Hydroplaning is a serious problem and if you are driving too fast, your car won’t be able to control itself.

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