Car driving in spring

When spring cleaning your home has arrived, it is also an ideal time to start on some spring car care. New England winters can be brutal on a vehicle, so ensuring that your car has been cared for will help it survive many winters. Having a basic understanding of New England vehicles’ most essential car care needs is ideal for both longevity and safety.

Potholes are Hard on Your Alignment

Potholes are a common occurrence in the New England winters, which can cause some damage to vehicles. Even if you managed to avoid any real damage, your alignment might be out of whack after a winter attempting to dodge them. An alignment is vital, as is removing snow tires and getting all-season tires for the warmed weather. Failing to replace your tires can result in damage to your vehicle. 

Ice May Have Damaged Your Wipers

Many New Englanders know that lifting your wipers after parking can save your blades. However, even if you partake in this trick, your blades likely have had to go over snow and ice and sustained damage. Fortunately, changing out your wiper blades is a simple and low-cost process. 

Stuck-On Salt Corrodes!

In the snowy winter months, salt lines the road to assist drivers in safe driving. Without salt treatments, roads would be too slick to be safe. Unfortunately, this safety measure comes with a drawback: salt damages cars. When salt gets stuck to your undercarriage, rust ensues. It is essential to wash your car well at the end of the season to prevent rust. While a gas station car wash may be an excellent way to remove a lot of salt, it does not always get all of it. This is why utilizing a professional detailer is crucial.

Having your car cleaned and detailed by a professional can include:

  • Thorough exterior wash to remove any and all debris
  • Detailed undercarriage wash to get rid of stuck-on salt
  • Wax

Good detailers will get the salt off your vehicle to protect it from rusting. It will also look great when all is said and done!

Your Boots Likely Carried in a Mess

Think about everything you walk through before getting in your car in the winter months. Snow, ice, sludge, salt, mud, and more can get on the soles of your shoes and make their way inside your vehicle. In this case, you would do well to have the interior of your car detailed, as well. Car detailers typically vacuum and extract debris and dust with a hot water process to get the floors looking fresh. 

Don’t Skip Spring Car Care

Skipping spring car care could easily cause regrets! Avoid those regrets by contacting ASI Collision today. We are an Audi-certified collision repair center that doesn’t want to see your vehicle damaged. Be proactive in your spring car care! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!

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