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The way collision repairs are completed is constantly changing. With OEM repair procedures, repair times, diagnostic tools, and repair procedures prioritize quality repairs. The vehicles themselves and the training for providing quality collision repair is where things get more complex.

The procedures that OEMs issue are to ensure the best diagnostics and repairs and are very specific. But why is it so important to follow these specifications?

OEMs Know Their Vehicles

The best reason for utilizing OEM repair procedures is because the manufacturers know their vehicles the best. Their engineers spend thousands of hours developing vehicles and the repair processes for them, making it the best reason to utilize these procedures.

Researching OEMs Repair Procedures

The best way to cut down on repair times is to research OEM repair procedures. Utilizing these repair techniques will provide the repair tech with the information they need to provide quality repair and save time.

Safety First

By utilizing OEM repair procedures, the safety of your collision repair team is ensured. Manufacturers know their vehicles best and the safest way to repair them to keep them safe for the driver.

Building a Reputation with Customers

By following OEM repair procedures, collision repair centers are able to build a great reputation among their customers. These procedures help set a repair shop apart from other centers while still maintaining a great professional experience.

Working with ASI Collision

At ASI Collision, our team is trained in OEMs to ensure our customers have the best possible repair experience when working with us. To learn more and to schedule your appointment, contact us today at 617-364-1722.

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