How many times have you heard this story? An elderly lady goes to her mechanic with a complaint about a dent on her bumper. After a short check, ended up being charged for headlight fluid change. Yes, headlight fluid. It might seem funny, but this is a very common experience when repairing automobiles. It is not unusual to see customers being overcharged for shoddy repair jobs.

If you are tired of overpriced collision repair jobs, these are some tips on what to look for in a quality collision center.

Five Things to Look for In a Quality Collision Center


1. Good Reviews from Friends and Family

Getting a good collision center is not an easy task. That is why before choosing a repair shop, you need to get information about their services by word of mouth. Talk to people who are knowledgeable about automobile repair to get their insights into what you need. To find an honest shop, you have to gain reviews from people who have had first-hand experience with their services.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to show you where you can get a good auto body repair shop. Review platforms like Google Reviews and Carwise can also help but are highly subject to things like bot reviews.

2. Willingness to Answer Questions

Truth be told, it is nearly impossible for you to know every part of the vehicle without experience. So, it’s possible that you might get overcharged for parts. That is why you need to ask questions at a collision center, and depending on their willingness to answer your questions, you can know if they are genuine or not.

A lot of sketchy centers tend to avoid questions or put on an air of professionalism to overcharge their customers. The best way to avoid this is to take the vehicle to more than one center and see what kinds of answers they give you. Good shops will be willing to answer even layman’s questions just to enlighten their customers and put them at ease.

3. Certifications

Cars are pretty similar and have standard parts nowadays, but there are some differences based on the manufacturer or model. One of the first things for you to look for in a quality collision center is if they have the necessary certifications to repair your vehicle.

Think about it for a second, do you take your Tesla to a shop that doesn’t qualify to repair it? A quality collision center is bound to have a lot of certifications and will not be afraid to show them.

4. Warranties and Estimates

A quality collision center will, without a doubt, give you estimates for the job. They are skilled enough to the point whereby they can come up with cost estimates after initial diagnostics. They do this to allow their customers to be able to plan and prepare the fees. Bad and shady shops will come with the intent to overcharge you, with the excuse of unexpected repair and expenses. They aim to present the job as being under budget so that they can keep milking you. A quality collision center will also offer warranty service that allows you to return the vehicle to them in the scenario in which the repair was shoddy.



These are good tips on what to look for in a quality collision center, and ASI Collison has all these qualities and more. So, if you need a quality collision center, look no further. ASI Collision is a premium, Audi-Certified collision center.

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