Audi Collision Repair

Accidentally your Audi collides with another vehicle; what will be the first thing that comes to mind? Some people feel the car cannot be restored to what it was before the collision. If you belong to this group, your thought is wrong. Taking your vehicle to an Audi-Certified Collision center will make a lot of difference. Now you are wondering what differentiates Audi-Certified Collision center from others.

Below is a significant difference:

Highest Level of Certification

Not everybody shop or collision center can obtain Audi certification. The certified ones put in the extra work before being recognized as a reliable workshop. After undergoing training, a collision center can become certified to work on Audi vehicles. That implies that they possess the technical know-how to assess your Audi car and deliver the highest level of bodywork services. Their professionalism will reflect how they evaluate the damage and do necessary repairs on the affected parts.

What Does Audi Certification Training Look Like?

Audi has standard procedures that every prospective or existing collision center must learn before repairing Audi vehicles. Any technician who completes the courses can confidently attend to any damage caused by collision. That is because their mode of operation depends solely on the specified procedures by the Audi team.

During the course work series, technicians will acquire specialized equipment that makes repairing an Audi vehicle easy. For example, the Audi Din ISO 96906-2 is a welding certification course that teaches the techniques and gives you access to numerous facilities by Audi. Combining the knowledge from each course equips the technicians with the expertise you can’t get from a regular bodywork shop.

What Differentiates Audi-Certified Collision Center from Others?

Knowledge and equipment are significant differences that make Audi certification technicians stand out from others. Understandably, every workshop would tell you they can repair your vehicle irrespective of the model or producer. They believe since it is their area of specialization, they can take up any repair work. That was when steel was the major component of cars.

Producers constantly research and implement new methods to produce efficient vehicles that deliver higher performance. Audi is one of the manufacturers trying to improve its production. For that reason, different materials, including aluminum and steel, are put together to develop safer and fuel-efficient vehicles. Repairing any car composed of these materials requires special handling.

Hence, the introduction of the Audi certification course to ensure technicians understand how to carry out their repairs on Audi vehicles. How you will handle aluminum panels during repair differs from steel. The facilities required to deal with Audi models are different from other vehicles.

What it takes to become an Audi-Certified Technician

Becoming a recognized technician for Audi vehicles requires that you learn about the components of the car and employ the right tools to repair them. That is why the Audi manufacturer designed the specialized training to equip interested technicians. Additionally, you will have access to the required equipment to get Audi cars repaired.


Don’t mistake giving your car to a technician with no Audi certification. The body may never remain the same because it won’t use the standard procedure recommended by Audi. For satisfactory repair services, ASI Collision is an expert Audi-Certified collision repair center. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information regarding our services

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