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summer clean carWe are past July 4th weekend and are in the heart of summer now! One of the best times of the year in New England, people are going on road trips, taking rides to the beach and much more. All this action can get your car dirty both inside and outside. To keep your car in tip top shape, follow our 5 quick tips.

  1. Clean your carpets: Many cars have thick carpets. If you have a compressed air machine or stiff brush, take either one and get out as much of the dirt and crumbs that are embedded into the carpeting. Vacuums are only able to clean them so much.
  2. Tire Cleaning:  To get  your tires looking extra nice, use some acid-free solution. This also helps from taking off any paint from the car.
  3. Total Exterior Clean: A good solid car hand wash will go a long way. Give yourself time to do a good job. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies and when cleaning, use long and broad strokes to prevent from any noticeable streaks.
  4. Polish & Waxing: After you have gotten your car nice and clean, it is important that you protect it against those summertime elements. A nice polish will make sure that the paint is smooth and waxing will protect against the elements.
  5. Final Vacuum: After doing a thorough cleaning both inside and out, do a final brush inside to suck away dust before it makes its way to any other part of your car.

A brand new interior and exterior cleaning of your car this summer can make a worlds of difference! It also makes getting inside a gruelingly hot car a little more enjoyable.


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