Supercars are a different breed of vehicle from your standard daily driver. They look high-end, sound high-end, and drive high-end. Ownership is not all fun and games, however. Maintaining a supercar requires more work than any other kind of vehicle. You’ll need oil changes and washes to keep things running smoothly and looking fresh, but there is more to it.

A Supercar Requires High-End Oil

Just like any vehicle, regular oil changes are required to keep things in working order. The difference lies in the kind of oil. Although you may have gotten away with a $75 oil change on any other car, a supercar cannot thrive on lower-end oil. In fact, not only does a supercar require synthetic oil, but they also require high-grade oil – which can cost more than $1,000. Skipping out on the pricier oil change could be even more costly when low-grade oil damages the high-end parts.  

Carwashes Cannot Be Optional

Most car owners can put off carwashes for quite some time. As long as the windshield isn’t covered, you can still drive a dirty car. When you own a supercar, carwashes become less of an optional component, less you want to lose a lot of value in the car’s appearance. A supercar needs a good cleaning routine to stay in top-tier shape.

  1. Wash
  2. Wax
  3. Detail

By ensuring the interior and exterior of your supercar are kept clean and without flaws, you will be more likely to retain the vehicle’s value should you decide to sell it. 

Supercar Owners Need Somewhere to Keep It

An enclosed space is necessary for a supercar owner. If you have a garage that you can dedicate to a supercar, you’re ready to go! However, if you plan to park your new supercar in the driveway or on the street, please reconsider. Minor dings and scratches to the paint are more drastic when it’s a collector’s item. Even if dings and scratches are not a concern, bird droppings and overexposure to the sun can be just as damaging. 

If you do not have access to a garage, there are storage facilities made explicitly for car collectors. You can rent a space to keep your supercar out of the elements and in a safe place. 

Any Mechanic Cannot Complete Maintenance

Convenience is a component of the world today, but owning a supercar means you cannot take it to any old drive-through mechanic for maintenance. While it may be cheaper and faster than other mechanics, your supercar will suffer at the hands of any maintenance shop. Instead, you will need to have maintenance completed by an experienced and certified mechanic for supercars.

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