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Each season has its own problems when it comes to driving. This is especially the case during the summer. With temperatures about to hit 90’s this Saturday for much of Massachusetts, it’s safe to say that summer is right around the corner. When it comes to driving on the road and maintaining your, it is important that you keep in mind some of these tips.

  • Air Conditioning: Be sure that your cars air conditioning system is working before that steaming hot weather hits.
  • Vacation Packing: When packing for that vacation road trip, be sure that you don’t over exceed your car’s payload capacity. Before heading out on the trip, make sure that you can see out your back windows.
  • Manage Allergies While Driving: Allergies such as frequent sneezing, runny nose and exhaustion can affect your driving. If you know you get bad allergies be sure to stay on top of them so you are safe as possible. Decreasing risks will go a long way to avoid problems.
  • Summer Storms: Thunderstorms during the summer can come out of nowhere and they can be extremely powerful. Use extreme caution when these occur.
  • Busier roads: With warm weather comes more people utilizing the roads. Keep an eye out for people riding their motor cycles, bikes and for people running.

In the event of an accident during the summer, reach out to ASI Collision to fix any car damage.

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