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If you have been looking into puAudi Car Logorchasing an Audi or already own one, you most likely know about its quattro technology. Since 1980, the all-wheel-drive system has been synonymous with Audi. While it’s designed to handle weather conditions from rain and sleet to snow, many drivers still wonder if they should get snow tires.

Audi’s quattro System.

The engineers at Audi developed quattro while they were building an all-wheel-drive sports car. This iconic system works by using a special component that allows the engines torque to be divided equally between the wheels, even if they are rotating at different speeds.

Do I need Snow tires if I’m already equipped with quattro Technology?

Some Audi enthusiasts believe that quattro technology is enough protection during the winter months. However, we really believe it matters on where you are driving. Snow tires are still highly recommended in areas with harsh winter conditions, like New England. Even with the all-wheel driving system, there are still great benefits that you can gain from tires designed specifically for snow and ice.

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