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Unlike the exterior of your roof, the interior car roof lining is extremely delicate and should be maintained with care. Overtime, your interior roof lining can get dirty. Most people don’t think of cleaning this but doing so will greatly improve the look of your car when sitting inside. So how should you clean the inside of your roof? Follow some of these tips to get the best results.

  1. Instead of using water, clean the inside of the roof with a microfiber cloth. Try avoiding using excessive force and gently wipe your roof. To ensure that no dirt is left behind, always wipe in the same direction.
  2. The first step removes the surface dirt, but now it’s time to complete a deep clean. Consult with the car manufacturer to select best cleaning solution as the right one may vary on the material used inside the roof.
  3. Once you have selected the appropriate solution, spray the entire roof with it. Let the solution soak in for a few minutes and be sure that it is applied modestly.
  4. Similar step 1, take a new microfiber cloth and clean off the roof and all of the cleaning product.
  5. If after these steps you notice some stains that remain, try repeating with a new cleaning product or possibly a home remedy.

We understand your car is an investment and while we provide the most optimal services possible to repair any collision damage, you can also do your best to keep it looking brand new from the usual wear and tear that every car endures. A few other maintenance tips you should look into are polishing headlights cleaning stains off your seats.


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