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Potholes on the road are a common occurrence that all drivers have to deal with. Swerving left and right to avoid these can get quite annoying. One major difference is that after the winter of 2015, these pot holes are on every single road in Massachusetts, and they are almost impossible to miss.  We advise all drivers to use extra caution and pay attention to the current road conditions. This is you and your vehicles best option to unsure minimal issues.

Making contact and hitting a deep divot is bad for your car. Damage and problems can happen from a flat tire to complete steering system misalignment. The sudden jolt that occurs after a run-in with a pot hole should be a sign that your cars in danger. Potholes can be the cause of:

  • Wear, damaged or flat tires
  • Suspension damage
  • Steering system misalignment
  • Wheel set damage
  • & More

The technicians at ASI Collision suggest getting a timely inspection after frequent encounters with pot holes. Any parts that have experienced wear and tear could be in danger of further problems. If you see a pothole in your town you can report it online.

For more information about pothole damage and a vehicle expectation feel free to give ASI Collision Inc. a call at (617)364-1722.

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