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Paint Touch Up/ Custom Painting

The paint on your car is the first thing that people will notice as you drive by. Whether you are looking to repair or touch-up some paint scratches or create an entirely new look for your car, ASI Collision has a team of expert technicians and the latest technology to get the exact look you may be looking for.

Paint Touch Up

Even those who take meticulous care of their vehicles end up getting a scratch or two every now and then. ASI understands that, which is why we offer paint touch-up services. Our master technicians will clean and identify the damage, sand the area then clean with paint thinner, apply touch-up paint ensuring it is smooth, apply a clear coat, let it cure, and finally, polish! You will forget there were ever any imperfections when you pick up your car from us.

Custom Painting

ASI Collision offers custom paint jobs for anyone looking to give their vehicle a brand new look. There are many different paint jobs to consider, such as two-toned, pearlescent, metallic, and more! Custom painting your vehicle allows you to get exactly what you want and could even increase the value of your car.

For more information on paint touch-ups and custom painting, please feel free to give ASI Collision a call at (617)364-1722.

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