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Accident situations can be very perplexing for affected car owners. At that point, you can think straight or decide on what to do. The sure thing is if your vehicle is not written-off, you will need to visit an auto body repairer for solutions. Many car owners make the mistake of not asking questions after contacting the first auto body repair center.

So, what are the right questions to ask?


  • Does the Center offer a Warranty to Customers?


Asking about the warranty is very important. Repair centers that are confident in their services offer warranties to their clients. However, it varies for every auto body repair center, usually based on duration and repair type. You should inquire if their warranty covers the entire work or the replacement part required for the bodywork.


  • Does your expertise cover work on my vehicle model? 


Every auto body repair center has its area of specialization. You need to determine if the auto body repair center possesses the required expertise to work on your vehicle model. Building a good relationship with the repairer will help you get helpful information about the proposed repair. Some repair centers can work on American cars, while some understand European vehicles.


  • Is a written estimate available for the repair?


It is crucial to request detailed estimates of everything required to get your vehicle repaired. Don’t limit yourself to one auto body repair center, as you can ask for estimates from other repairers to determine the best for you. If you notice significant differences between the estimates and the final bill, you can ask the repairer for clarifications.


  • Will it take longer to repair my vehicle?


Many factors can contribute to the delay in repairing your car. If you don’t ask about this, restoring your vehicle to a good condition may take longer than expected. Based on the damage, you need to understand if the repair center is busy. Also, it could take a lot of time to obtain the required part. These are the things you need to know before committing your car to an auto body repair center.


  • Do you accept Customer’s Car insurance?


Finding an auto body repair center that has a working relationship with your insurance can be helpful. It makes it more accessible, and it saves you a lot of stress. Some auto body repair centers will collaborate with your insurance to negotiate the details. 

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