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As we all know, winter brings new levels of hazards to everyday driving. As snow & ice related dents to your car are quite noticeable, road salt damage is silently attacking your car all winter long. The risks that come along with road salt damage includes body damage and brake & fuel line damage.

What is Road Salt Damage?

Salt truckTo help with the driving conditions during winter storms, trucks dump down high levels of sand and salt before during and after the snow has fallen. Salt is used to reduce the freezing temperature of snow and ice, so roads can stay clear and unfrozen at very low temperatures. Salt also provides tires with additional traction on these dangerous roads.

While salt helps us, it also can hurt us. Salt is a corrosive material that can do a number to any vehicle. Without maintaining your vehicle, road salt can rust your car. Luckily on your end, their are a few tips to prevent any of this rust damage from occurring at all.

Before the Snow Falls

  • Late in the fall season, wash your entire car, especially the underneath side. The underside of your car is more susceptible and extra sensitive to rust damage.
  • Now that your car is completely clean, it is time to apply a coat of wax and wax sealant to protect the paint.
  • Check your car for any current rust damage and look at the brake and fuel lines. Corrosion in these places are dangerous and will only get worse with the upcoming winter.

Winter Maintenance Tips

  • Keep your car floors clean throughout the winter. Any slush build up on your shoes could contain salt which may result in floor rusting.
  • After driving in the snow, be sure to remove any buildup behind the wheels.
  • As often as you can, try running your car through a car wash in the winter. Spots such as the hood, top and rear decks should be targeted as they are the most sensitive to rust.
  • After bringing your car through the wash, be sure to re-wax & seal as you did during the fall.




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