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Spring BostonWith only three weeks left of winter, ASI Collision Inc. thought it would be good to get in the spring spirit. While this hasn’t been as bad of a winter as last year, cars still take a beating with the snow, ice and cold weather. We are welcoming in the spring season by getting our cars prepared to move past winter.

Wash the Underbody:

During the winter, the bottom of your car will naturally build up a layer of salt and sand that can lead to corrosion. Corrosion can directly lead to rust which then makes your car dangerous to drive and much harder to resell. When washing your car, be sure to get underneath and power wash everything.

Tire Pressure:

The winter weather can take a toll on tire pressure. Check the current pressure of all four tires as well as the spare.


Winter can also take a toll on your brakes. With all the rain and wet weather that is around the corner, be sure to that your brakes are in tip top shape.

Check Fluids:

Check your cars window washing, power steering, break and cooling system fluids. It’s also important to determine if your car is in need of an oil change.

Scrub Your Car:

In addition to underneath your car, the salt mixture can also damage your car’s paint. After giving it a thorough cleaning, it’s suggested that you apply liquid wax. Some target points to scrub are the bottoms of doors, and window channels.

We are ready for winter to be over and we are sure many of you are too! But, during the final month of winter, it’s important that you stay on top of winter tips including:

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