cars totaled after a collision


Getting into a car crash can be scary, and one of the most pressing concerns after an accident is the condition of your vehicle. Sometimes, the damage is so bad that the insurance company says your car is “totaled.”

But how can you know if your vehicle is totaled? In the following paragraphs, we will look at some important clues that can help you determine if your car is totaled after an accident, and we will give you helpful tips to handle this tricky situation.

Checking How Bad the Damage Is

The first thing you should do to know if your car is totaled is to see how bad the damage is. Experts usually consider a vehicle to be “totaled” if its damage is beyond repair. Some significant signs of damage are:

  • Dents or cracks in the frame
  • Broken windows
  • Deployed airbags
  • Uneven body panels
  • Leaking fluids
  • Dented roof
  • Engine compartment damage
  • Wheel misalignment

Furthermore, if fixing your car costs more than a certain percentage of its worth before the accident, it might be considered “totaled.” The exact rate can vary based on the insurance company and the rules in your state, but usually, it is around 70 to 75 percent of the car’s value before the accident.

Getting a Professional to Check It

After an accident, it is crucial to have a professional look at your car. A qualified mechanic or a collision center can give you a precise idea of your vehicle’s damage and estimate the repair costs. 

Safety Aspects

Even if the repairs do not cost more than the totaled threshold, safety is paramount. If the accident damaged the main structure of the car or if important safety parts like airbags got deployed, the insurance company might still say it was “totaled” to avoid problems in the future.

Knowing Your State’s Rules

Every state has rules about when a car is totaled. Knowing the laws in your state is essential because they can significantly affect the insurance company’s decision. You can find this information by asking your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or talking to your insurance company.

Understanding How Insurance Claims Work

When insurers consider your car totaled after an accident, your insurance costs increase. Insurance companies see a totaled car as a more significant risk, so that they may charge you more for coverage. The cost increase might be even higher if the accident was your fault. 

So, if the insurance company says your car is totaled, they usually offer you money based on your car’s worth before the accident. But if you think the money they offer is too low, you can negotiate with them.

Bottom Line

If your car is declared totaled after an accident, picking the right collision center to assess and repair your vehicle is crucial. ASI Collision is an excellent, Audi-Certified collision center that offers special services to take excellent care of your car. 

We have highly skilled technicians and top-notch equipment, so you can trust us to repair your car perfectly, just like the manufacturer intended. We will assist with everything from tow to rentals to insurance assistance and expert repairs. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!


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