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It is easy to ignore your vehicle’s regular maintenance needs if there are no visible issues with your car. However, ignoring the importance of regular maintenance will lead to significant problems down the road. It is always best to schedule regular maintenance as needed or advised by your dealership or regular service provider. 

Follow along as we go over the most significant reasons why you should regularly maintain your vehicle, no matter what year, make, or model. 


If you disregard your car’s regular maintenance for too long, your vehicle may be unsafe to drive. Regular maintenance is crucial to protect the integrity of your brakes, air filters, airbags, and tires. Changing your oil is an imperative part of protecting and maintaining your engine. 

During this appointment, your technician will also assess for any other issues that must be addressed. Boosting the safety of your vehicle is always recommended. 

Lower Running Costs

Preventative, regular maintenance allows you to avoid the significant, costly issues vehicles run into if ignored. By maintaining your car, you are avoiding stress and unwanted costs. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, neglected maintenance can increase fuel economy by an average of 4%. When your vehicle runs at its peak performance, costs will be low now and in the future. 

Maintains Vehicle’s Value

If you care about the value of your vehicle, whether you plan to eventually trade-in or sell, regular maintenance is crucial to maintain its value. This will keep the car running at its best performance for years and maintain its safety for the next owners. You can tell quickly if a vehicle has been maintained well. 

Reduced Fuel Costs

Well-maintained vehicles run more efficiently, expanding your gas mileage, meaning you will save money on your fuel costs! Late oil changes are one of the leading causes of fuel deficiency. At regular maintenance appointments, technicians will also assess any damages that may cause fuel damage. 

Expanded Lifespan

By keeping up with your regular maintenance appointments, your vehicle will run well for years to come. Because you have prevented all significant issues by regularly servicing your car, it will last whether you plan to keep it forever or eventually trade in or sell.

Regular Maintenance at ASI Collision

ASI Collision technicians and equipment are Audi-Certified and up to all industry standards. We perform regular maintenance services for all vehicle makes and models. If you require regular maintenance, schedule an appointment with our expert techs! Give us a call or fill out our online contact form

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