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Fall is finally here. The leaves are changing colors, the sun is starting to set earlier and most importantly, temperatures are beginning to drop. as much as you hate to the see the hot summers months pass, so does your car. With winter around the corner, fall is the time to make sure your car is ready for cool becomes cold and rain becomes snow. Here are some fall car tips that can keep your car working properly this upcoming winter

Battery Check

Be sure to keep all the connections within your battery nice and clean. Cold weather is especially tough on batteries, so it is smart to keep everything in check. Batteries don’t often give warning signs before they fail so it is advisable to repair them if they are older than three years old.

Complete Tire Maintenance

It is the time of the year where you should certainly check the situation of your tires. Correct tire pressure and tread depth are crucial. You may want to consider special tires designed for slick road. You should also check your tire pressure on a weekly basis during the frigid months of winter as they are susceptible to losing pressure.New England driving in the fall


As the temperature begins to drop, the roads will more frequently get covered in snow and ice. Because of this, consider having your brakes checked. Brakes are absolutely crucial to your safety and this is more than ever, one time of the year they need to be working perfectly.

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