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Vehicles get damaged; it’s one of the sad realities of life. It wouldn’t matter how badly you need it; you have to give it when a car needs repair. However, understanding a timeline for its repair will help you plan things better.

Collision repair usually depends on factors like how long it takes your car insurance to approve a damage claim; the kind of appointment with the auto shop; the severity of vehicle damage; etc. The waiting time starts when you submit a damage insurance claim to your automotive insurance team, but the repair only begins after the funds have been approved. The insurance team will estimate the damage and most likely send it to a repairer they partner with. That is when a timeline for repair can be estimated.

Examples Of Car Damages And The Time It Might Take To Repair Them


  1. Windshield replacement: Typically takes about 24 hours
  2. Bumper damage: Typically takes about 24 hours
  3. Minor body dents: Typically takes about 24 to 48 hours
  4. Internal parts replacement: Typically takes about two weeks
  5. Multiple areas of damage: Typically takes about a month

What Can Prolong The Time It Takes to Repair a Car?

There are several reasons this may have happened. Here are some, so you can know how to prepare for it:

  1.  It might be a case of insufficient hands for repair. 
  2. The handyman might have misquoted you or later realized that there are more things to fix than they previously highlighted.
  3. The insurance company is yet to pay for your automobile fix.

Whatever the case may be, always ensure you are familiar with and in constant communication with the auto shop.

What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied With The Timeline For Your Car Repair?

The significant people to reach for a delay in car repair are the ones fixing it. If anything shady is going on that end, reach out to your car insurance provider. They can move your vehicle to a different automobile repair shop if you don’t trust the reliability of the present ones.

Waiting for certain parts of the car needed for repair is what causes the bulk of your waiting time. Also, automobile repair shops have smoother processes than each other for getting those things. However, you can find the car parts yourself and make the process faster. The challenge with that is this, depending on the kind of contract you have with your insurance company, you might be reimbursed for the vehicle parts you buy — or you might not.


It’s better to add extra days for allowance when you have a car in repair. However, your first responsibility is to always use reliable people who are proactive with communication. For that, ASI Collision is a premium, Audi-Certified collision center. We have a team of expert technicians ready to bring your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!

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