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speed limitMost people think they are good drivers and while they may be, there are things you aren’t doing correctly. Traits or knowledge that you have learned throughout the years may not be the actual right way to do things. Read these tips to ensure you are following the right safety protocols.

1.  The Signs Speed Limit is Safest – The speed limits on roads are calculated and provided under the case the conditions are perfect. If it rains or snows, you should drive slower then the posted speed limit.

2. Left Lane is the Fast Lane – People believe that since the left lane is filled with people driving faster, that it is the “fast lane”. This is not correct. The left lane is the “passing lane”. People should only use this lane to pass people, not to travel on.

3. Hands Free Phone Use Means You’re Safe: People think that phone use is safe if they have a hands-free device. This is not true as using your phone at all, automatically makes you more of a distracted driver. If you can avoid any phone use, this is your best bet to stay safe.

4. Fog Lights Always Help: A lot of people think that fog lights can be used all the time, and even at night. Using them during clear conditions can blind other drivers on the road.

5. Larger Car Means You’re Safe: Some believe that a larger car will keep them safe. It is true that if a crash happens between two cars, the larger one will fair better. But, larger vehicles have the tendency to change direction and slow down less efficient. This could increase your chance of crashing in a single-car accident.

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