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Texting and driving is one of the more dangerous acts you can make while driving. Texting while driving increases your chances of crashing by up to 23 times. According to the National Safety Council, around 1,600,000 accidents happen per year because of texting and driving. The numbers stand for themselves, and it breaks our hearts that lives are at risk every day because people’s eyes are taken off the road.

When driving, the minimal amount of time your attention is taken off the road, is around 5 seconds. While traveling at 55mph for these 5 seconds, it would equate to driving an entire football field without even looking at the field. While teenagers are a big portion of drivers who text, parents and older demographics are also guilty of this too. Just about 27% of teenagers have actually claimed to see a parent text while driving.

Texting and driving has become the leading cause of deaths by teen drivers. Keeping your eyes on the road will not only improve your safety but also the safety of innocent people around you. If getting caught and paying $100 doesn’t keep you from texting, we hope your safe being does!

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