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Audi Repair Services in Easton, MA

A quiet town in Southeastern, Massachusetts, Easton’s community enjoys the benefits of being a small-, tight-knit community while also being close enough to Boston and all of its surrounding business hubs in the greater area. Easton Center is known for hosting an assortment of small businesses and popular local restaurants. It is also the home of one of the premiere colleges in the state in Stonehill College. As a busy community, cars are seen coming and going from homes to work on a regular basis. Whether it be accidents or natural wear and tear, vehicles will eventually show signs of decline and need a tune up or a repair altogether. ASI Collision assures Easton’s residents that we are a premiere repair shop for many types of luxury vehicles. Visit us today! 

Quality Collision Repair in Easton, MA 

As we all know, accidents between vehicles happen all the time. With busy roads during a commute, it’s not uncommon for someone to lose control or simply catch themselves not paying attention as a result. Whenever you find yourself in a situation such as this, pick up the phone and contact us! We are easily accessible with our 24 hour roadside assistance. Once we’ve accessed your vehicle, we’ll be sure to get to work on it immediately. From diagnostics to the end of the repair job itself, our team will make sure every bit of detail is paid attention to as we work to make your vehicle as good as new. As we work on your car, we’ll be sure to give it the service it needs to function soundly. Services we provide include 


  • Frame Repair 
  • Paintless dent repair 
  • Ceramic pro coating 

Ceramic Pro Coating in Easton, MA 

A car needs to look good in addition to feeling good. As we finish repairing your car, your vehicle is entitled to our ceramic pro coating services that will make your vehicle look brand new. Well-coated and brighter than ever, your car will leave our facility looking brand new after we’re finished with it. 

Complimentary Detailing in Easton, MA 

Our company has given complimentary detailing in addition to vehicle repair for over THREE DECADES! The least we can do for a loyal and patient customer is give their vehicle the detailing it deserves after we’ve finished fixing any functional and aesthetic issues. Our knowledgeable team of experts will detail both the interior and exterior of your vehicle 

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