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Audi Repair Services in Canton, MA

A small suburb located 20 miles away from Boston, Canton serves as an ideal town for both small families and younger residents who are looking for suburban living while being within a close proximity of the city. Canton also hosts a number of businesses ranging from breweries to musical instrument shops. With such a robust and diverse economy, comes cars commuting back and forth between home and work. Accidents are bound to happen, but dealing with them does not have to be as daunting as it usually is. ASI Collision Services extends a hand to everyone in the town of Canton for high quality repair on their vehicle. 

Quality Collision Repair in Canton, MA 

Our 24 hour service consists of hard-working individuals that are ready to assist you as soon as possible. You can trust us to arrive in a timely manner, diagnose your vehicle’s issues, and get right to work on making it as close to new as it was prior to your car’s incident. ASI Collision provides services such as 


  • Frame Repair 
  • Paintless dent repair 
  • Ceramic pro coating 


For over 3 decades, our team has continued to keep themselves up to date and work with luxury vehicle brands such as Audi and Bentley so that they can provide the best care your car can receive. After we’re done with your vehicle, it will be working as good as new. 

Ceramic Pro Coating in Canton, MA 

Isn’t it nice to have a car with a nice paint job? We certainly think so. As a team that prides itself on great attention to detail, we apply our special ceramic pro coating to your vehicle so that its exterior is polished smoothly looking just as good as it did when you first purchased your vehicle.

Complimentary Detailing in Canton, MA 

After we’re done servicing your vehicle, you’re entitled to our famous complimentary detailing! We’ll have our team make sure that the inside and outside of your car is detailed looking good as new! After all, excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. 

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