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Audi Car LogoWhen it comes to repairing your vehicle after damage has occurred, everyone wants to know they are bringing their vehicle to a trusted & reliable source. When the quality and price of a vehicle increases, so does the importance to bring your car to the right auto body shop. ASI Collision understands this thought of mind from customers and has taken the extra step to insure the highest level of service for all luxury vehicles and specifically Audi’s.

Audi has a process of training, teaching and equipping shops that take their in depth repair course. After going through extensive training and acquiring Audi Genuine Parts, Audi deems specific shops as Audi trusted. Should your Audi need a repair, they recommenced taking your car only to a certified repair facility. This process of becoming “Audi Certified” is so exclusive only a few shops in the state of Massachusetts can say they are recommended by Audi themselves.

ASI Collision has been a collision center in Boston for over 35 years, and are continuing to do everything possible to stay one step ahead of the competition. A.S.I wants customers to have the highest level of service and have certainly taken the steps to do so.

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