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Proper car maintenance and treating your car correctly is important for the overall life of your car and to help keep it in working order. Here are some often frequent mistakes that people make in terms of treating their car poorly.

Waiting For Oil Change Reminder: Most all cars now a days have a warning system built in to help remind you that an oil change is needed.

Never Washing Your Car: By not washing your car, you’ll fall into more problems then just having a dirty car in the present. Washing your car thoroughly can help remove dirt, salt, and much more. All this stuff if gone untreated will result in rust buildup. Pick a day of the week and have your car washed at the same time!

Putting Gas In Your Car At The Last Second: Everyone has done this from time to time but do your best to avoid it. Gas acts as a lubricant in your fuel pump and it cools it at the same time. If you wait until the last few drops of gas have been used, it puts extreme stress on the fuel pump.

Ignoring Warning Lights: Cars have warning lights for a reason. Whether it be a check engine light or some else, it is popping up because there is an issue with your car. Putting off these lights can result in your problems getting worse. Instead of tackling any needed problem, you could end up spending more money.

Not Replacing Air Filter: Your engine needs to breathe and to do this properly, your air filter needs to be replaced. Emission issues can directly pop up if your air filter has popped up. A quick filter change only costs a small percentage of money compared to the amount you’d need to spend if nothing gets replaced.

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