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As a collision center it is always fun to see what the future holds for our cars. Throughout the world, technology is evolving everyday. Every industry is trying to come up with the newest and greatest innovation to improve life. The Automotive Industry is absolutely part of this group. New technologies are being tested for improved safety, entertainment, and simple innovation. Here are three innovative car technologies we could see at some point in the future.

  • Cars on the Road that communicate with each other and the road: Imagine automotives that have the ability to recognize when another car has ran a red light and is headed straight for you. Your car will be able to notify you with a noise or possibly automatically put on the brakes.
  •  future audiSelf Driving Cars: This isn’t a new idea. It has been passed around and imagined for years. By the use of lasers, radars, and cameras cars have the ability to process information around it. These self driving vehicles could be a much safer means of transportation. It would potentially decrease accidents by 95% due to human error.
  • Energy Storing Panels: One problem with hybrid vehicles is that their batteries are extremely heavy. A car panel that could store and possibly generate energy would reduce the size of batteries, and it would also reduce saving used to move the weight of theses batteries. Toyota has also looked into lightweight panels that would be able to capture and store solar energy.

While many of these technologies are far away, it is always great to look into the future and imagine how transportation could evolve.

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