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Audi Car LogoWe love driving, appreciating and working with Audi vehicles. They are one of best vehicles in the world and that is why we have worked so hard to become certified Audi mechanics. What we have also noticed is that other people agree with us. The company and it’s vehicles have accumulated a variety of awards from June to October of 2015.

Handelsblatt – Automobile of the Year

Based on a total of 700,000 interviews covering 735 different brands, the publication of Handelsblatt online and YouGove opinion institute ranked Audi the “Brand of the Year 2015”.

Daily Telegraph Cars Award

Audi sweeps the board with three winning awards by a daily British newspaper, “The Daily Telegraph”. The Audi TT Coupe won “Best Sports Car, and the Audi A3 won “Best Family Car” and “Best Design of the Year”. Newspaper readers rated the cars off 10 main categories.

StraBenverkehr and Eltern –  Family Car of the Year

The Audi Q5 won the most friendly family vehicle of the year under the EURO 35k to 40k category.

Audi ran away with an additional 7 other awards throughout the past 5 months. Feel free to check them out at Audi World.

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